Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow! Where has the time gone!

Wow... Where has the time gone! So if you are one of my readers and have wondered if I fell off the face of the earth, I'm still here! My son has been very sick since the beginning of February and we are still working with Dr.'s trying to figure things out. So, I'm so excited though to be getting back into the groove of things and work this business again. I know that storybooking is so important and it help bridge the gap between generations. Not only that, but there are now SO many cool new things besides storybooking that you can now create on Heritage Makers from games, to clocks, family trees, decoupage tiles, etc the list goes on and on. Just ask if you want to know more! And you can now make custom jewelry on the HM website! Fun! I'll post more about those soon and the other great HM products!

First Time Users

First Time User Overview

It is so easy to preserve your heritage with our system, but we want to make sure that you know step-by-step how it is done so you have the best experience. We also want to help you write your story the way you want to and also make sure you know how to use your account.

How to make a project

There are a variety of ways to get started, but here are the basic steps you'll take to make your project:

* Upload photos to your account
* Start a new project
* Publish your project when you're done
* Receive your project in the mail

For more information on how to sign up for a webinar class that shows you step by step how to create your project.

Guide to Storybooking™

Now that you know the basic mechanics of finishing a project, how do you write your story? We have wonderful online guides that can help you capture your memories in writing. Story Maps and Story Steps are available on the My Studio page under Story Center.

My Heritage Studio

Your Heritage Studio is where it all happens. You can continue or start a new project, browse the Template Gallery, update your account information, look at your order history and more.

* My Projects - This is where you start a new project, continue with your unfinished projects and view your completed projects.
* My Albums - You can add photos to your account and view existing albums and photos.
* Template Gallery - Choose from hundreds of beautiful pre-designed templates to help you get started.
* My Account - You can place a new publishing order or view your order history, change your password, update your personal information and view your publishing points.
* My Business - For Heritage Consultants, you can go to your Virtual Office, edit your consultant website, and view your customers' credits and memberships.
* You can also manage your membership from your Studio Account.

Help & FAQ

To help you with your storybooking, I am your personal Heritage Consultant who will help answer questions and help you create the projects you want to make. Along with your personal consultant, you also have their upline leader to support you. And remember, you can always visit the Help & FAQ site to find answers to your questions.