Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Little Princess

I just created a book for my little girl Hailee in less than 30 minutes! I used the Once Upon A Princess template in the template gallery. It was so quick and easy. Click here to view the storybook!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

USPS to Canada Discontinued

HM News & Announcements
We’ve recently encounter a lot of concern and problems with our Canadian consultants and clients when shipping products through USPS. With the USPS option, Canadians are having to pay Canada post brokerage fees, that ultimately make the shipment more expensive than sending the product through UPS. In addition, USPS has proved to be unreliable and expensive for our Canadian customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our Canadian friends. As of November 18, 2008 we will no longer offer the USPS shipping option to Canada. We are hopeful that you will now have a much better shipping experience.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are in Better Home & Garden Magazine

Have you noticed how Heritage Makers is starting to be noticed everywhere you turn? Are you part of this amazing company yet? Heritage Makers is helping build lasting memories for your family through digital storybooking, cards, calendar, posters, etc.

We were listed first on a list in Better Homes and Gardens 2nd Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbookin' as the best options for digital printing!

UPDATE: New Gallery Wrapping on Canvas Posters ans Size

Excellent news! Your canvas posters will now be gallery wrapped as a free upgrade*! Gallery wrapping gives your canvas posters a classy feel that will look amazing on any wall.

Plus, we’ve introduced a new size. You can now get your canvas poster in a bigger 20x24 size. Canvas posters, with free gallery wrapping, make perfect holiday gifts. Order yours today for only $139.95! 16x20 canvas posters are still only $99.95.

*NOTE: Gallery wrapping on all 16x20 canvas posters will begin December 1, 2008. Gallery wrapping on the new size, 20x24, begins immediately. If you have a 16x20 credit and do not wish to have free gallery wrapping, be sure to order by the end of November.
(These are some of the canvas poster templates in the gallery)

NEW Address Book in your HM studio

Ship your greeting cards directly to friends and family!

NO MORE WAITING IN LONG LINES AT THE POST OFFICE! Just Click and Ship from the comfort of your home!

Introducing, Address Book…the quickest, easiest way to ship all of your greeting cards. No more standing in long lines at the post office or scrambling to find addresses in a folder. We’ve got you covered!

With address book, you can:

* Ship holiday cards directly to multiple recipients
* Keep track of your contacts
* Make updates to your contacts and groups
* Ship other HM projects to single recipients

Get Your old Slides & Negative out of those boxes and DIGITIZE them!

Do you have boxes of old Slides and don't know what to do with them? I NOW have a solution for you!!! I can now scan your slides and negative strips!

Preserve Your Old Memories!
Now you can take all those stacks of 35mm film and convert them into digital images to preserve them forever. Wolverine has created a very simple to use device to convert all your 35mm film negatives and slides into a 5 mega pixel digital images in seconds.

*Converts 35mm film negatives and slides to a 5 Mega Pixel digital images with a push of a button
*Fast conversion – requires only five seconds to convert an image
*Built-in 1.5-inch color LCD screen to view and edit images
*Saves images directly on SD memory cards, we even can then upload the pictures to your Heritage Makers website!

Price $.29 per slide or negative scan
Earn FREE studio premier too! *Ask for more details.

Heritage Makers made the O List!

If you love Oprah you know she has good taste! Heritage Makers made her All Time Favorite Things Under $100!

You can make history with Heritage Makers, creating storybooks the bridge the gap between generations in a family. I created a storybook for my grandpa about his life. I've always know who my grandfather was, but I didn't KNOW him. Doing this life story (see book below)I learned SO much about him and appreciate him so much more. I called him and apologized to him and told him how much his life has fascinated me and I really appreciate all he did serving in the Navy.
Contact me to start your own Cornerstone Storybook today!!!

New A3 Kodak Scanner

I just got a new Kodak A3 Scanner! This scanner can scan photos up to 12"x18". I'm one of the only ones in AZ that has this scanner. With this scanner I can still do color enhancements on your photos and bring them back to life. The cost for large photo scanning is $1.50 per scan. You can also earn FREE studio premier, ask me how!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My WHY...

I used to ask myself Why? Why did I want so badly to start another business. Do you want to know Why... because I believe in this company and the values and integrity of Heritage Makers. We strive on helping others preserve their heritage through storybooks.

Soon after I was married, my sister had been in town from Ohio and I brought ALL my wedding photos over to my mom's house so my sister could look through my wedding album. She left and not thinking twice about it, I just left my album there sitting on the coffee table in my mom's family room. July 14, 2004, at 2:13 AM, my mom's house was hit by lightning. It was the very first monsoon storm of the season. And within 7 minutes the house was completely destroyed and had burned down to the ground with ALL my Wedding Pictures still sitting on the coffee table in the family room.
When I got to the house I tried running inside and the firefighters held me back. I wanted so badly to rescue all my mom's things. (I had taken her to the airport that morning). When the salvage company walked out of that house with my album, I was so sick to my stomach. I cried about the fire, but kept my composure. When I saw my album, I lost it. A house fire was my biggest fear as a little child and now I was facing that harsh reality. Alone, my family was all out of town. I was swamped with the media who wanted interviews about how I felt about the house burning down. How did they think I felt?
I encourage all of you to get your photos scanned to preserve your memories and not let them fade away.
Four years later, I found Heritage Makers and was able to remake my wedding album. It cost me only $69 plus the $25 for Studio Premier. That was way better than the $750+ is was going to cost to remake a traditional scrapbook.

Photo Scanning

Heritage Makers has partnered with Kodak® to bring you the all-new, revolutionary, ScanParty. As a Heritage Makers customer, you can be on the cutting-edge of this incredible scanning service. Call me to schedule individual, in-home scanning sessions or to attend a Workshop. Help your friends and family preserve their photographs by telling them about this incredible service.

Pricing as follows:
Party Attendee (25 scans) $.20/scan
0-99 scans $.39/scan
100-499 scans $.29/scan
500+ scans $.19/scan
That's right get your family to help pitch in the cost of scanning and get ALL your photos scanned and I will make everyone a copy of the CD of pictures.

Q: What dpi do we scan at?
A: You can select 300, 600, or 1200. We recommend 600 for very small photos that are going to be blown up on a page; 300 is plenty for most Heritage Makers situations. If you plan to use a 4x6 photo to fill a full page of a large book or poster, you should scan at 600 dpi. If you scan at 1200 dpi, the files may be too large to upload to the Heritage Makers website.

Q: What sizes of pictures can be scanned?
A: Any size from 2"x2.5" to 8.5"x34". When scanning very small pictures, place them slightly to the left, or place them on the scanner along with some larger photos. Otherwise, the paper sensor may not pick them up.

Along with the Kodak scanner, I now offer photo enhancements, red eye reduction, and photo rotation services. Ask for pricing. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! Call me or email me today! I rent the scanner every Tuesday and have it at my weekly workshops in Glendale. If you'd like an in-home scan party contact me to schedule that today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Modeling Portfolio Book

I was getting into modeling back in 2003, then my life got crazy. My dad died and I got married then pregnant and modeling got pushed to the side. For so long I've wanted to display all my pictures, but there they sat in the closet in a folder. I had a credit expiring so, I figured I'd make a book all about me! I'm so excited! I only took me a few hours to put all the pictures in the book. I just did a really simple and basic book. I'm so excited to share this with everyone. Especially photographers! You can now create these for your clients and what an awesome portfolio you have to give to them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

NEW Digi-Calendar

I create a new Digi-Calendar that will show where all the Digi-Crops are being held throughout the valley. A Digi-Crop is where we all gather at someone's house and work on our projects. There are lots of consultants there to help customers with their storybooks, calendars, cards, posters, etc. It's great because you can actually finish a whole project in 1 day! I'm so excited!!! This will benefit all of our customers because then you can attend a Digi-Crop near your house. (Saves on gas!)
Plus, you can bring your old photos and get them digitized with the Kodak high speed scanner for .19/photo! Or if you and your family member want to split the cost, I'm having a great special! Get 5 family members photos together and for $200 EACH, I will scan ALL your photos and then make everyone a CD with ALL the pictures on them. That's a great savings! Especially if you have TONS of photos! Call me or email me today to get your photos scanned. And to get your FREE Heritage Makers account today!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reunion 08

In September we are having our Heritage Makers Reunion in Anaheim, CA. I'm so excited to go and get pumped about my business. There is so much more that I want to learn. I'm really excited to take the kids to Disneyland afterwards, too.
This company is truly revolutionizing the digital scrapbooks era. We recently partnered with Kodak and offer scanning services. I think is awesome because on regular flat bed scanners is takes so long to scan your photos and can be VERY overwhelming to anyone. Who wants to sit at their computer scanning pictures for hours at a time. I don't have that kind of time. But now with the Kodak scanners - I can scan 20-30 photos per minute!!! I'm so excited.
I can't wait to see all the new and exciting things that are going to be released at Reunion. Hopefully NEW products and more partnering with other large companies to make everyone's HM experience the best!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saving the Legacy: Fred Donkin Jr.

My mom and I have been working on this life story book for my Grandpa. He served in the Navy in WWII. The University of Utah has been going to interview the vets to collect their life histories and to preserve the war stories. For the last 26 years, I've never really known my Grandpa. Doing this book for him has inspired me greatly! I would sit up at night reading about him and his accomplishments, I couldn't get enough of it. I had to read more and more. We had a lot of photos, but wanted more so we would google images and see what we could find. We found pictures of the ships he was on and crew members, etc. It was such an amazing experience! I can't wait to finish the one that we have started for my Grandma. I'm so excited about this book! Check it out at the bottom of my blogs!

New Workshops

So, I haven't been on here forever! So much has happened in the last couple months with Heritage Makers! First of all, I went to regionals and they introduced new items! You can now make individual 12x12 scrapbook pages. Also, you can now make decks of playing cards! They are so cool! I just made a deck that has our trip to Huntington Beach on them. The website just has so many new features, you really have to check it out!

On another note, we now offer workshops instead of celebrations! Who really wants to go and sit to another person talk right. Well now, I pop in a 13 minute DVD (or through a webinar) and it walks you through the system and shows you how to use it. Then, we get to work! I take your orders and we let our imaginations take over. I just did a show and was so excited! It went so well!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Following in my Shadow

My mom was hosting a Heritage Makers Celebration for me. So before the celebration, Hailee (my 3 year old) was "helping" me set up my table. It was so cute because she ran into her room at her Mamo's house and brought out a whole bunch of her books and started setting them up on the table. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she getting ready for HER Heritage Makers party. She was going to show everyone her books, but they can't buy hers, just credits so they could make their own books. It was So Cute!!!

This is My First Post!

So this is my first post... I've been wanting to do this for so long. I found this new company where you can make amazing storybooks/ scrapbooks online and it's so EASY! I absolutely love it! I made my first book back in May to give to my husband as an Anniversary gift. You have to understand since we'd been married, we never did get to have a scrapbook of our wedding. The first storm of the monsoon back in 2004 burned her house to the ground with ALL our wedding photos inside. To reprint everything was going to cost around $500, so I figured I was out of luck. Then my best friend had a Heritage Makers party, I showed up just as it was ending. The second I saw the books, I fell in LOVE! Oh my gosh, they were actual storybooks, like the ones you buy for your kids, but you've totally created them yourself. Anyways that night I went home and started my book. I finished it in less than a week just working on it while my 3 year old was napping. It turned out amazing! The best part, once you upload your photos to your Heritage Makers account; they will be there forever. They will be safe if the house burns down, your computer crashed, or gets stolen. All of which have happened to me and have lost it all multiple times. And after that I was hooked. I wanted to be a part of this wonderful company. So I because an Independent Consultant for Heritage Makers. I've only been working this business since July, but it is seriously the best company I have ever worked for, I've worked for many companies.