Friday, September 12, 2008

My WHY...

I used to ask myself Why? Why did I want so badly to start another business. Do you want to know Why... because I believe in this company and the values and integrity of Heritage Makers. We strive on helping others preserve their heritage through storybooks.

Soon after I was married, my sister had been in town from Ohio and I brought ALL my wedding photos over to my mom's house so my sister could look through my wedding album. She left and not thinking twice about it, I just left my album there sitting on the coffee table in my mom's family room. July 14, 2004, at 2:13 AM, my mom's house was hit by lightning. It was the very first monsoon storm of the season. And within 7 minutes the house was completely destroyed and had burned down to the ground with ALL my Wedding Pictures still sitting on the coffee table in the family room.
When I got to the house I tried running inside and the firefighters held me back. I wanted so badly to rescue all my mom's things. (I had taken her to the airport that morning). When the salvage company walked out of that house with my album, I was so sick to my stomach. I cried about the fire, but kept my composure. When I saw my album, I lost it. A house fire was my biggest fear as a little child and now I was facing that harsh reality. Alone, my family was all out of town. I was swamped with the media who wanted interviews about how I felt about the house burning down. How did they think I felt?
I encourage all of you to get your photos scanned to preserve your memories and not let them fade away.
Four years later, I found Heritage Makers and was able to remake my wedding album. It cost me only $69 plus the $25 for Studio Premier. That was way better than the $750+ is was going to cost to remake a traditional scrapbook.

Photo Scanning

Heritage Makers has partnered with Kodak® to bring you the all-new, revolutionary, ScanParty. As a Heritage Makers customer, you can be on the cutting-edge of this incredible scanning service. Call me to schedule individual, in-home scanning sessions or to attend a Workshop. Help your friends and family preserve their photographs by telling them about this incredible service.

Pricing as follows:
Party Attendee (25 scans) $.20/scan
0-99 scans $.39/scan
100-499 scans $.29/scan
500+ scans $.19/scan
That's right get your family to help pitch in the cost of scanning and get ALL your photos scanned and I will make everyone a copy of the CD of pictures.

Q: What dpi do we scan at?
A: You can select 300, 600, or 1200. We recommend 600 for very small photos that are going to be blown up on a page; 300 is plenty for most Heritage Makers situations. If you plan to use a 4x6 photo to fill a full page of a large book or poster, you should scan at 600 dpi. If you scan at 1200 dpi, the files may be too large to upload to the Heritage Makers website.

Q: What sizes of pictures can be scanned?
A: Any size from 2"x2.5" to 8.5"x34". When scanning very small pictures, place them slightly to the left, or place them on the scanner along with some larger photos. Otherwise, the paper sensor may not pick them up.

Along with the Kodak scanner, I now offer photo enhancements, red eye reduction, and photo rotation services. Ask for pricing. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! Call me or email me today! I rent the scanner every Tuesday and have it at my weekly workshops in Glendale. If you'd like an in-home scan party contact me to schedule that today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Modeling Portfolio Book

I was getting into modeling back in 2003, then my life got crazy. My dad died and I got married then pregnant and modeling got pushed to the side. For so long I've wanted to display all my pictures, but there they sat in the closet in a folder. I had a credit expiring so, I figured I'd make a book all about me! I'm so excited! I only took me a few hours to put all the pictures in the book. I just did a really simple and basic book. I'm so excited to share this with everyone. Especially photographers! You can now create these for your clients and what an awesome portfolio you have to give to them.