Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Day Sale... NEW ITEM EACH DAY! You don't want to miss this one!

HOME ALONE WHEN THE BOSS IS AWAY... we are having a HUGE sale!!!

The Top Achievers Club and even some of the home office staff (including Chris and Doug) are on a cruise. And while they’re away, we are running a special sale!

For the entire week of January 9-18, 2009 the consultants are taking over! That means a HUGE sale and a really big incentive.

What’s on sale?
Each day, for nine days, a different item will be on sale. You can only get the item that is on sale on the designated day. Consultants, be sure to contact all of your clients to make sure they can take advantage of these great deals!

Friday, Jan. 9
2 5x5 storybook credits (#7164) $49.95

2-day special Saturday, Jan. 10-11
2 8x8 storybook credits (#7165) $79.95

Monday, Jan. 12
2 playing card deck credits (#7166) $29.95

Tuesday, Jan. 13
2 11.5x8.5 storybook credits (#7167) $111.95

Wednesday, Jan. 14
2 7.5x10 storybook credits (#7168) $95.95

Thursday, Jan. 15
2 7x5 storybook credits (#7169) $63.95

Friday, Jan. 16
2 16x20 canvas poster credits (#7174) $159.95

2-day special Saturday, Jan. 17-18
2 12x12 storybook credits (#7175) $119.95


Contact me to order your credits today!!! 623-703-6767 cell

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