Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get Your old Slides & Negative out of those boxes and DIGITIZE them!

Do you have boxes of old Slides and don't know what to do with them? I NOW have a solution for you!!! I can now scan your slides and negative strips!

Preserve Your Old Memories!
Now you can take all those stacks of 35mm film and convert them into digital images to preserve them forever. Wolverine has created a very simple to use device to convert all your 35mm film negatives and slides into a 5 mega pixel digital images in seconds.

*Converts 35mm film negatives and slides to a 5 Mega Pixel digital images with a push of a button
*Fast conversion – requires only five seconds to convert an image
*Built-in 1.5-inch color LCD screen to view and edit images
*Saves images directly on SD memory cards, we even can then upload the pictures to your Heritage Makers website!

Price $.29 per slide or negative scan
Earn FREE studio premier too! *Ask for more details.

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