Wednesday, November 26, 2008

UPDATE: New Gallery Wrapping on Canvas Posters ans Size

Excellent news! Your canvas posters will now be gallery wrapped as a free upgrade*! Gallery wrapping gives your canvas posters a classy feel that will look amazing on any wall.

Plus, we’ve introduced a new size. You can now get your canvas poster in a bigger 20x24 size. Canvas posters, with free gallery wrapping, make perfect holiday gifts. Order yours today for only $139.95! 16x20 canvas posters are still only $99.95.

*NOTE: Gallery wrapping on all 16x20 canvas posters will begin December 1, 2008. Gallery wrapping on the new size, 20x24, begins immediately. If you have a 16x20 credit and do not wish to have free gallery wrapping, be sure to order by the end of November.
(These are some of the canvas poster templates in the gallery)

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